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School Package

Your Kind of Style

For School Dances we always bring 2 DJs to make sure you're getting the Full experience while we work the Mic, Lights and the Music for your event.

We do an hourly rate of $250.

(*Billed for 3 Hrs minimum)


We highly suggest taking a look at our “Value Package Add Ons” to really make your night unforgettable. ***ADD ON PRICES SHOULD BE ADDED TO THE HOURLY RATE***


  • FOG - We provide Atmospheric Haze/Fog to set the mood and create that high energy feel for later in the night when the dancing gets real. (FREE Upon Request)

  • MONOGRAM - Your very own personalized monogram light to have projected on the dance floor or strategically illuminated on a wall. For example, the monogram can display the school Name or Mascot on the dance floor to add that extra sense of school spirit. ($95)

  • DRY ICE - The real cherry on top for this package is the “Walking on Clouds” dry ice machine which produces thick, white fog that hugs the floor and dissipates without rising. This effect looks like pure magic as the low lying fog is illuminated at the feet of the King and Queen, as well as the rest of the court as they dance together. ($125)

  • CO2 Cannon - CO2 Cannon that produces 20-30FT plumes of ice cold fog, using liquid CO2. This is how you go big at your School Event.  ($150)                                                               

Boomin DJ IRS W9 Form


The Biggest School Event BOOMIN DJ can provide.

This package Includes our Club Boom Experience, Strike A Pose Photo Booth and 4 elevating Dance stages.  Boomin DJ contracted 4 Deejay Entertainers performing 1 Hour sets, Six 18 inch Subwoofer stages so you school can feel the thump and rattle the rafters, your Schools personalized monogram light our Walking on clouds dry ice fog machine. We can go big without our Co2 Cannons and Confetti Blaster to pump your School’s crowd. The day before your Club Boom Event Boomin Dj will offer a Cafe DJ and  give away 50 Custom event School T-shirts as giveaways.To keep the party Pumping you will have 2 Emcee Entertainers.We will also provide our Boomin DJ Videographer and Photographer.

We would need to setup 24 hours in advance. ($4000 4 hrs.)

Putnam County 2017 sadie hawkins

Streator HS 2017 Sadie Hawkins

St. Bede HS 2017 Dance

Hall HS 2016 Homecoming

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